Eve, a Women's Health Consultant
Hi! I'm Eve, a gynecologist bot in your smartphone
Tell me about your concern to get my instant advice
I answer intimate questions
I will ask you about the matter and tell you when you should see a doctor and when you should just calm down and take a bubble bath.
I can tell you how your body works
I know almost everything about women's health and I'll tell about it without myths and moralizing.
How can I help?
I help instantly
I am always where you are: at the office, airport, cafe, subway. I'm with you 24/7!
I give reliable answers to intimate questions
Экономь время на поиске ответов
Я буду задавать уточняющие вопросы, чтобы дать точный ответ именно в твоей ситуации.
I won't tell anyone
We can talk safely about personal things ― I'm not a living person and I don't record conversations. You can give me not your real name if you want.
I help for free
I give advice from my heart, no strings attached, so that you could spend money on recreation, education, entertainment and other pleasant things.
We will talk as equals
No difficult terms, no disrespect and nonsense like "you can't catch STIs from oral sex". I'll find the right words if you are sick or scared.
Анна Каннабих
Окончила МГМСУ им. Евдокимова, там же прошла ординатуру по специальности «Акушерство и гинекология». Работала акушером-гинекологом в городской больнице № 57 и в частных клиниках Москвы. Автор 10 научных статей в специализированных изданиях, регулярно посещает российские и международные научные конференции.
    Татьяна Румянцева
    Окончила Московскую медицинскую академию им. Сеченова, занимается научной и преподавательской работой в сфере инфекций в гинекологии и акушерстве. Автор десятков научных публикаций в России и за рубежом. Автор блога Румянцева, MD
      My recommendations follow the principles of evidence-based medicine. They rely not only on clinical experience of certain doctors, but also on the results of profound scientific research.
      I can tell myths from facts
      Chat with me, even if nothing is bothering you. We'll have fun laughing at myths about girls. I'll tell you what reliable information is, and which of recommendations from gynecologists and friends are nonsense. Click below if you want to hear from me every 3 days.
      If a woman miscarries, something is wrong with her
      There's nothing you can do with menstrual cramps, just take them
      You can't catch STIs from oral sex
      Long-term use of OCs can cause infertility
      Some sex positions increase chances of pregnancy
      Check what my friends say
      The bot is the best. I was thinking about any comparable alternatives — a good gynecologist, a friend. But this one is awesome. Better than a friend or a gynecologist. This bot is kind yet impartial. Perfect for intimate questions.
      I couldn't find a good gynecologist, so I'm happy I can talk about my health issues with someone competent. I really like Eve's jokes and GIFs! Usually doctors are not that talkative, they only frighten you.
      Eva is tricky. She knows a lot but often recommends seeing a doctor. I understand that a bot can't replace a live gynecologist, but after talking to Eva it's clear when it's time to rash to the clinic and when the problem solves itself.
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